Silver Spring Dental Care, LLC

Crown and Bridge Restorations

A crown is a type of restoration that covers your tooth all around to protect your tooth. We offer different types of crowns, such as, stainless steel, porcelain-fused-to-metal, captek, and all porcelain (zirconia porcelain). A crown (or bridge) is suggested to preserve your actual tooth. It is the best option, rather than just extracting the tooth, because it helps maintain the bone structure of our jaws. Crown(s) may be needed because of the condition(s) a tooth (or teeth) may be in:

The procedure takes two or three visits. For a crown, the dentist will prepare the tooth by filing the tooth down to make room for the crown. This procedure is considered core build up. He will build up the tooth to the right size for the crown to be put on top.

After the tooth has been reshaped, he will take an impression to be sent to the lab. This procedure takes about 7-10 business days (about 2 weeks). For the second visit to the office, the crown will be seated permanently. Minor adjustments may be done to make sure the fit is perfect in the patient's mouth.

A bridge is almost the same as a crown, but it is done to replace a missing tooth. The teeth that are on both sides of the missing tooth will be the retainer to hold the missing tooth; therefore, they will be filed down to make room for the crowns. If there is only one missing tooth, you will only need one "fake" tooth to hold between the crowns. By placing a bridge, it will help the structures of the existing teeth keep their form straight. Overtime, they tend to shift and can cause a minor or major work (like braces) to get them straight again.

Just like a crown, the first visit will consist of the dentist to file the tooth down, build up, and take an impression to be sent to the lab. It will take about 2 weeks for us to get it back from the lab. The only difference with a bridge is the second visit. We will have the "skeleton" part of the bridge to make sure the fit and the margins are good. When no additional work is needed, it will be sent back to the lab for the final restorations. A third visit to our office is needed for us to seat the bridge permanently. Minor adjustments may be done.