Silver Spring Dental Care, LLC

Removable Partials and Complete Dentures

This is another option to replace missing teeth in your mouth. When a bridge or an implant may not be your top option, removable partials and dentures is another choice to help you have a complete set of teeth. This procedure takes about 5-6 visits because of the steps we take to make sure we accurately have the right measurements of your mouth. We want to make sure the fit is perfect and comfortable for daily use.

The first visit consists of taking an impression of your teeth to be sent to the lab for them to create custom trays. These custom trays will be made to will make it easier to take another impression of your teeth; which is done during your second visit. The third visit is for a wax try-in. This is needed to ensure that the patient's bite is accurate to the opposing teeth. The fourth visit will be a preliminary try-in of the partials or dentures. They can make a few adjustments, if needed, before the final step is completed. The next visit could just be the delivery of your new set of teeth or if something else needs to be corrected (that it requires to be submitted back to the lab), then we will need to set up another appointment until you are satisfied with the results.