Silver Spring Dental Care, LLC


A tooth with a simple cavity is treated with a procedure called a filling. The decayed area is removed and filled in with a material that resembles a tooth called resin composite. There are other options for fillings, such as amalgam (silver filling) or gold filling. In our office, we only offer the "white" filling, but you can always inquire about the other options if you have your own preference.

In many cases, a local anesthesia is used to numb the area to reduce any pain the patient may feel. A high-speed instrument is used to drill the decayed area. To ensure that all the decay have been removed from the tooth, the dentist will use a cavity detector as he drills. This can reduce the risk of leaving any decay from increasing. A filling is done to preserve the tooth from needing to do a more intensive procedure, such as a root canal treatment. After drilling the cavity, we use a composite filling that matches the color of your tooth to structure the tooth back to its original shape.