Silver Spring Dental Care, LLC

Root Canals

Root Canals are done when the nerves of your tooth are infected. The signs could be a simple sensitivity when eating sweets or drinking hot or cold to severe swelling and constant pain. A simple tooth crack can lead to nerve damage and can cause the dentist to do a root canal treatment. The procedure takes about 2 visits. First visit will consist of the dentist excavating the tooth and cleaning up and decay that occurred. When the root is exposed, there is a high chance that a root canal is needed. The dentist will apply de-sensitizing material and apply temporary filling. The patient will wait to see if the tooth is symptomatic or asymptomatic. If they are symptomatic, a root canal will be needed.

The second visit the dentist will prep the tooth by cleaning the dental pulp by removing the nerves. When the canals are cleared out, the dentist will have to fill it in with a root canal cement and a rubber stick called "gutta percha" and then seal the whole tooth to prep for a crown build-up. It is important to have a crown done after a root canal to protect the tooth.